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Hamilton Canada Petroleum, Fuel, and Chemical Testing

Petroleum, fuels, petrochemicals, and biofuels testing and cargo inspection for the Hamilton, Ontario region.

Intertek’s Hamilton petroleum laboratory in Canada offers clients full, rapid, 24/7/365 analytical testing services, expertise, and support for the regional refining and biofuel plants in the area.

The Hamilton laboratory is ISO certified, and conforms to ASTM and other industry standard methods to provide quality control testing on feed-stocks, petroleum products, and other hydrocarbons. The Hamilton facility is part of a global network of laboratories and works with other Intertek labs in Canada and around the world to provide clients with extended services and professional quality results.

Full ASTM specification testing:

  • Gasoline, ASTM D4814, CAN CGSB 3.5
  • Ethanol, ASTM D4806, CAN CGSB 3.516
  • Aviation fuel, ASTM D1655, CAN CGSB 3.23
  • Diesel, ASTM D975, CAN CGSB
  • Biodiesel, ASTM D6751, CAN CGSB
  • Fuel oils, ASTM D396
  • And additional testing capabilities

Analytical testing services provided in the Hamilton laboratory include trace metal analysis, GC and GC/MS analysis, Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME) testing, and syringe/inlet chemiluminescence.

Petroleum cargo inspection expertise:



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+1 800 967 5352